Can you tell that your Internet Things are not Zombies ?

We provide an alerting and data collecting platform

it works with devices, sensors, computers, servers and software... in short everyThing

Two types of HTTP calls

Check things in real time via two types of HTTP calls that you can implement in your code with ease: we named these calls
Vital Signal and Event Signal.

Vital Signals

Vital Signals are the object's heartbeat. When this signal is missing, this inability to communicate becomes our first ally in understanding there is a problem.

Event Signals

Event signals are sent when a specific event occurs on one of your things, so you can be alerted and collect data about it.

We alert you in real time if your things go offline or an event happens

just insert Signals code in your device, software or firmware

The Vital Signal should be sent from your objects to the platform at regular intervals.
The Event Signal should be sent only when a specific event occurs.
When a Vital Signal is missing or an Event Signal is received, we send you a notification.

Create a Signal with one line of code

because fast and easy is always better

curl "

The type of Event you want to notify.


The id of the thing that sending the signal.


Your security API key.


Any type of information that allows you to know what happened.


A list of key-value pairs, in JSON (escaped) format, for data collection.

No plans, no limits. Just $1/month per thing

no minimum fee, only pay for what you use


Do you need an explanation?
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Use it only for an hour?
We charge you for an hour and you pay $0.001366.

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What we can do for you

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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Pretty Alert?

Pretty Alert is a web-based alerting platform that allows developers and makers to check the status and collect data form thousands of connected things. It is based on two simple types of HTTP/HTTPS calls, easily included into firmware code, tools, and software: we named these calls Vital Signal and Event Signal. The Vital Signal is the object's heartbeat. When the signal is missing the platform sends an alert notification to the owner of the thing. The Event Signal, instead, is used when an event occurs so the owner is alerted when something happens to the thing. Moreover, both Signals can be used to collect data from the things.

Who is this service for?

The Pretty Alert platform can be used for any thing which is connected to the Internet. Developers and makers can use our HTTP/HTTPS call system to check the status and collect data from any object on the Internet of Things field. Moreover, Pretty Alert services can be used by IT Administrators to monitor servers and PCs without having to write a single line of code: just download the client.

Is it safe?

Pretty Alert servers are hosted on Amazon AWS. The infrastructure is redundant, autoscalable, and it is replicated in three different regions around the world. All communications with our servers use the HTTPS protocol to provide encrypted connections complying with the most stringent security policies.

Can I use Pretty Alert even if I'm not a coder?

Yes! IT Administrators and managers can check the status of PCs, servers and processes without having to write a single line of code: just download the client.

How long does the free trial period last?

The first thing you track is always free. We will charge you for the other things and only for the time you use our service. There is no minimum fee and no monthly fee.

Which programming language(s) do you support?

All of them! All you need to do is include an HTTP/HTTPS call towards our platform in your code.